Restaurant Menu

Hors d’Oeuvers

Prawn Cocktail £3.95
Onion Bhaji
Chopped onion, gram flour and herb shaped into round cake and cooked in oil.
Dall Soup
Lentil soup
Gosht Samosa
Triangular-shaped savoury filled with spicy mincemeat. Served with salad.
Vegetable Samosa
Triangular-shaped savoury filled with spicy vegetable. Served with salad.
Bengal Aloo
Garnish potato cooked with spice and herbs round shape, fried with egg. Served with salad.
Aloo Chat
Potato cooked in tamarind sauce with green pepper, cucumber and tomato – hot and sour.
Mouth watering tamarind sauce with chickpeas, potato, egg, herbs and spice.
Chingri Puri
Prawn fried in spicy sauce and served with pure bread.
Dipali Boti Puri
Tender meat fried in spicy sauce and served with pure bread.
Raja Chingri Butterfly
Delicately spiced king sized prawn fried in Ghee.
Murghi Chat
Chicken cooked in tamarind sauce with green pepper and tomato – hot and sour.
Chicken Pakora
Pieces of chicken coated with special mixed spiced, deep-fried. Served with salad.
Raja Chingri Shampan
King prawn cooked with mustard seeds and spinach.
Roopchada Fish
Whole fish cooked in light spice serve with fried onion.

Tandoori Starters

The Tandoor is an open-top, charcoal fired oven with clay walls. The special feature of all Tandoori dishes is delicate flavour imparted to the cooked item because of the clay walls. This subtle aromatic spices make Tandoori dishes a memorable culinary delight.


Tandoori Murghi
Spring chicken marinated in yoghurt and herbs and roasted in the tandoor. Served with salad.
Murghi Tikka
Pieces of spring chicken, off bone, lightly spiced and grilled in tandoor. Served with salad.
Gosht Tikka
Tender meat cubes marinated in yoghurt and selected spices and grilled in tandoor. Served with salad.
Tandoori Raja Chingri
Delicately king sized prawn marinated in yoghurt and selected spices and grilled in tandoor.
Sheek Kebab
Finely minced meat mixed with various spiced and herbs, barbecued on skewers. Served with salad.
Tandoori Salmon fish
Salmon fish marinated in selected spices and grilled served with salad.
Tandoori Trout fish
Whole Trout marinated in selected spices and grilled served with salad.
Paneer Tikka
Chunks of paneer ‘vegetable cheese’ marinated with podina, garlic and ginger and grilled in tandoor. Served with garden salad.
Grilled Platter for Two
A mouth watering selection of grilled sizzling chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and tandoori chicken Served with salad.
Grilled Vegetable Platter for Two
A delightful assortment of sizzling grilled Paneer tikka, aubergine, mushroom and onion served with salad.

Tandoori Specialities

Tandoori Mixed Grill and Nan
The delightful assortment of tandoori dishes like tandoori chicken, sheek kebab, lamb tikka, chicken tikka and nan bread. Sizzling dish. Served with salad.
Tandoori Chicken
Half spring chicken marinated in yoghurt and herbs and roasted in the tandoor. Sizzling dish. Served with salad.
Murghi Tikka (Chicken)
Full portion of spring chicken, diced off bone, lightly spiced and grilled on charcoal. Served with salad.
Gosht Tikka (Lamb)
Tender lamb cubes marinated in yoghurt and selected spices and grilled in tandoor. Served with salad.
Tandoori Raja Chingri
Delicately spiced king prawn, marinated in yoghurt and selected spices, and grilled in tandoor.
Murghi Shaslik
Pieces of chicken grilled in tandoor oven in a skewer with tomato, green pepper and onion. Sizzling dish.
Murghi Tikka Massalla
Chicken cooked in tandoori sauce to give subtly medium flavour.
Tandoori Raja Chingri Massalla
King Prawn cooked in tandoori sauce to give subtly medium flavour.
Murghi Tikka Bhoona
Pieces of spring chicken grilled in tandoori oven with charcoal flame and then cooked in special sauce. Highly flavoured.
Murghi Shassle
Pieces of spring chicken marinated in mint sauce, cooked with selected and topped with salad.
Gosht Tikka Bhoona
Diced lamb marinated in tandoori sauce and grilled then cooked with selected spices. Highly flavoured.
Tandoori Paneer
Chunks of vegetable paneer prepared with podina and grilled in tandoor. Sizzling dish. Served with salad.
Garam Masllalla Murghi (Chicken)
Grilled off bone tandoori chicken cooked with star anasid & spices, saucy dish.

Dipalian Specialities

Gosht Pasanda
Medium barbecued lamb, cooked with cream, garnished with ground almond & pistachio.
Murghi Pasanda
Medium barbecued chicken, cooked with cream, garnished with ground almond & pistachio.
Raja Chingri Pasanda
Medium barbecued king prawn, cooked with cream, garnished with ground almond & pistachio.
Murghi Jal Frezi
Chicken cooked in fresh green chilli, coriander and ginger. Very spicy hot dish.
Malai Wali Murghi (Chicken)
Chicken cooked in yoghurt and cream. Very mild dish.
Makkani Murghi
Chicken cooked in butter with freshly ground spice. A medium dish.
Korai Gosht
Medium hot lamb cooked in thick sauce with freshly ground spice & herbs. Served in wok.
Non-Vegetarian Thali
Rogan josh, chicken tikka, mushroom bhaji, pillaw rice, yoghurt, salad and nan bread.
Vegetarian Thali
Chana masallah, sag bhaji, maslah dall, vegetable curry, pillaw rice, yoghurt and nan bread.
Dhania Murghi
Chicken cooked with fresh coriander. Medium dish.
Garlic Chicken or Lamb
Highly flavoured medium.
Jeera Murghi
Chicken cooked with cumin seeds and herbs & spices. Highly flavoured, medium.
Achar Murghi
Chicken cooked with pickle, slightly hot dish, prepared with selected spices.
Shathkora Gosht
Traditional Bangladeshi lamb dish, with segment of lemon cooked in special method, wonderful aromatic flavour. Delicious.
Mishti Gosht
An exotic preparation of lamb cooked in various spices with pumpkins. Cardamom flavoured.
Lamb Shank
Marinated with garam massalla and cooked in oven using a special method, delicious to taste.
Kochi Am Lamb/Chicken
Diced lamb cooked in green mango mouth watering dish.
Razzella Meat/Chicken
cooked with green paper,green chilli, corrander fairly hot
Chef Special chicken/lamb medium £9.95
Chef Special King prawn Medium £15.95
Kurchi Lamb
Whole leg of lamb marinated and glorified by rich spices and specially cooked prepared and presented with egg net lettuce tomato and cucumber decor, served with special rice, special curry sauce,

Murghi (Chicken) Dishes

Murghi Tamator
Chicken cooked with tomato and fresh coriander, a fairly spicy dish.
Murghi Korma
Very mild, cooked with cream and coconut.
Shahi Korma
Barbecued chicken cooked in cream & coconut
Murghi Bhoona
Medium, garnished with thick sauce.
Murghi Madras
Fairly hot, garnished in tomato puree.
Murghi Vindaloo
Very hot, cooked with potato.
Murghi Dupiaza
Medium, cooked with onion.
Bangalore Murghi Phall
Extremely hot and highly flavoured, a typical South Indian recipe
Naga Chilli Chicken
Chicken cooked with the world’s hottest chilli – the Naga chilli, hot highly flavoured.

Gosht (Meat) Dishes

Gosht Korma
Very mild, cooked in cream and coconut.
Gosht Bhoona
Medium hot, with thick sauce.
Gosht Madras
Fairly hot, garnished in tomato puree.
Gosht Vindaloo
Very hot, cooked with potato.
Rogan Josh
Medium spiced, garnished with plenty of fresh tomatoes, green pepper and fenugreek.
Keema Peas
Minced lamb cooked with garam massalla spice and herb. Highly flavoured.

Seafood (Prawn) Dishes

Chingri Curry
Medium, with sauce.
Chingri Pathia
Hot, sweet and sour cooked with highly flavoured thick sauce.
Chingri Sag
Medium, with spinach.
Chingri Madras
Fairly hot, garnished with tomato pure.
Raja Chingri Dupiaza
King prawn, medium, with onions.
Raja Chingri Madras
Medium, with thick sauce.
Raja Chingri Bhoona
King prawn, cooked with medium thick sauce.

Dhansak Dishes

Murghi Dhansak (Chicken) £7.95
Gosht Dhansak (Meat) £7.95
Chingri Dhansak (Prawn) £7.95
Raja Chingri Dhansak (King prawn) £9.95

Mas Specialities (Fish)

Mas Massalla
Bangladeshi fish cooked with garlic, ginger and delicious sauce.
Mas Bhaji
Bangladeshi fish fried with onions and spice. Highly flavoured.
Mas Tok
Bangladeshi fish cooked in tomato, lemon juice with turmeric.
Green Talapia
Fish cooked with green chillies and green curry leaves in a wonderful coconut sauce
Mas Rupchada
Whole fish cooked under slow heat with turmeric cumin coriander served with Fried onion green paper (with bones)

Pillaw rice prepared with chicken, meat or prawn and seasoned to suit individual taste.A full portion of vegetable curry served with it.

Biriyani Specialities

Murghi Tikka Biriyani
Murghi Biriyani
Gosht Biriyani
Chingri Biriyani
Raja Chingri Biriyani
(King Prawn)
Vegetable Biriyani £7.95

Balti Dishes

Spicy dishes served with nan bread.

Balti Chicken
Chicken cooked with balti ingredients. Very spicy dish. Served with Nan bread.
Balti Meat
Meat cooked with balti ingredients. Very spicy dish. Served with nan bread.
Balti Vegetable £6.95

Niramish (Vegetables)

Vegetable and side dishes

Bengal Special Niramish
Various vegetables cooked with cumin and mustard seeds.
Mixed Niramish Curry
Meat cooked with balti ingredients. Very spicy dish. Served with nan bread.
Dry Mixed Niramish
Meat cooked with balti ingredients. Very spicy dish. Served with nan bread.
Aloo Peas
Potatoes and peas curried together.
Bhindi Bhaji
Curried okra.
Sag Bhaji
Curried spinach – dry.
Sag Aloo
Spinach and potato.
Mushroom Bhaji
Curried mushroom.
Cauliflower Bhaji
Curried cauliflower.
Tomato Bhaji
Curried tomato.
Brinjal Bhaji
Curried aubergine.
Massalla Dall
Lentils cooked with spicy curry sauce.
Mator Paneer
Peas cooked in cheese.
Tarka Dall
Garnished lentils with garlic, spice and herbs.
Chana Massalla
Chickpeas cooked in spice.
Bombay Aloo
Curried potato spices.
Vegetable Jal Frezi
Vegetable cooked in fresh green chilli ginger and coriander, very spicy dish.


Mishti Korma
Pumpkin cooked with delicate spice enhanced with cardamom.
Vegetable Korma
Mixed vegetable cooked with cream and ground coconut. Very mild.
Vegetable Massalla
Mixed vegetable cooked with massalla sauce, ginger, garlic and herbs.

Spinach and Beans

Vegetable Jal Frez



Rice and Bread

Boiled Rice £2.75
Pillaw Rice £2.95
Special Rice
Mixed with peas, eggs and onions.
Mushroom Rice £3.95
Nan Bread
Special bread baked in tandoori clay oven. Lightly buttered.
Peshwari Nan
Special bread stuffed with almond flour, semolina and raisins.
Keema Nan
Nan bread stuffed with spicy mincemeat.
Tandoori Roti
Wholemeal bread baked in tandoor.
Cheese Nan
Nan stuffed with cheese and baked in tandoor oven.
Thick fried Indian bread.
Indian bread thinly baked.
Lemon Rice £3.95
Coconut Rice £3.95
Garlic Nan
bread stuffed with fine cut fresh garlic

English Dishes

Mushroom Omelette
Mushroom cheese onion and egg served with chips.
Steak and Chips
Medium cut steak cooked served with chips and peas
Fried Chicken and Chips
Chicken pieces fried, served with peas, chips and tomato.
Scampi and Chips Scampi
served with chips, peas, tomato


Papadom Paper thin, flavoured crispy bread wafer 50p
Massalla Papadom strongly spiced 55p
Dahi Yoghurt £2.20
Mixed Raita Yoghurt with podina with herb and spice £2.25
Cucumber Raita Yoghurt with cucumber £2.25
Green Salad £2.25
Mango chutney/ Onion salad/ Pickle 50p

Wine List

White Wine

House White Soft Dry £11.95
Wine by the glass £4.50
Macon Blancs
Yoghurt France, (Dry), ALC 13% VOL The subtle aromas of flowers and honey, fresh and crisp, well balanced and fruity
Pouilly Fuisse
France, (Dry), ALC 13% VOL Light golden in colour with aromas of toasted bread and honey, dry to taste, full flavours with peach butter overtones
France, (Dry), ALC 12.5% VOL Steely mineral aromas lead to typical crisp dry refreshingly flinty flavoures
Muscadet Sur Lie
France, (Light, Dry) ALC 12% VOL Dry, refreshing, produced from Muscadet grapes, matured on the lees enhancing its fruit finesse
Blanco Rioja
Spain, ALC 11.5% VOL Fruit dry
Australian Chardonay
(Dry), ALC 12% VOL Soft tropical fruit bouquet with subtle vanilla, oak overtones. Abundant peach and melon fruits, with a clean, medium dry finish
South African Chenin Blanc
(Dry) ALC 12% VOL Grapes variety, extremely soft with green apple fruit and floral overtones
Pinot Grigio
Italian Fresh crisp fruity

Red Wine

House Red France Soft dry £11.95
Wine by the glass £4.50
France, (Dry) ALC 12% VOL Soft easy drinking, young fresh wines from gamay grapes with red currants, raspberry fruit flavour combine with gentle finish
St. Emillion
Bordeaux, (Dry), ALC 12% VOL Splendidly complex aromas of coffee, chocolate and damson fruit, then weighty. Plummy flavours and a touch of spice and tobacco
Chateauneuf du Pape
France, (Dry) ALC 13.5% VOL Full bodied spicy wine with powerful aromas
Italy, (Dry), ALC 12% VOL The wine produced from a blend of grapes, dominated by the sangiovese fragrant and full flavoured
Australian Shiraz
(Dry) ALC 12.5% VOL Ripe rugged wine with mouth full of spice, blackberry and touch of eucalyptus and vanilla oak
Sth African Cabernet Sauvignon
(Full, Fruity) ALC 12% VOL Full-bodied fruity wine with blackcurrant, mint cedar flavours
Rioja Faustino VII
Spain, ALC 13% VOL (Dry)


Mateus Rose
Portugal Slightly Sparkling Spicy fresh fruit
Chile Merlot Rose
fruity perfume of flowers
Californian Rose Wine btl 187ml £4.50

Champagne & Sparkling wine

House Champagne ALC 12% VOL £29.95
Moet ET Chandon France, ALC 12% VOL £43.00
Asti Martini
Italy, ALC 7% VOL Sparkling wine with distinctive fruity taste from finest of moscato bianco grapes


Lager cobra draught (Carlsberg export ALC 5%) (Half pint) £2.30
Lager cobra
(Indian – Cobra ALC 5%) (Half pint)
Cobra 330ml bottle £3.25
Cobra 660 bottle £5.95
Kingfisher 660 bottle £5.95
Kingfisher 330ml bottle £3.50
Guinness small bottle £2.95
Bitter large bottle £4.50
CocaCola bottle330ml £2.50
Sprite bottle 330 ml £2.50
Fruit Juice Orange/Pineapple/Apple £2.50
Mango Juice £2.75
J20 Apple&mango/Orangr&passion bottle £3.25
Soda, Tonic or Ginger Ale £2.50
Bitter Lemon £2.50
Lime Juice £2.50
Lemonade £2.50
Mineral Water still/sparkling bottle 330 ml £2.25
Sparkling/still water 750 Cl £3.95
Shandy £2.30
Coffee £2.25
Tea £2.25
Liqueur Coffee £4.95
Cappuccino £2.95


Dipali Delight
Gin, lemon, lime, orange and grenadine floated with cherry brandy
Blue Lagoon
Vodka, Blue Curacao, lime and lemonade
Tequila, Triple sec, lime and lemonade
Cherry Blossom £5.50


Campari £2.50
Vermouth sweet £2.50
Vermouth dry £2.50
Dubonnet £2.50
Pernod £2.50
Pimm’s No.1 £2.95

Sherries and Port

Dry Sherry £2.50
Medium Sherry £2.50
Port £2.50


Gin £2.50
Vodka £2.50
Bacardi £2.50
Whisky Teacher/Jameson’s £2.50
Jack Daniels £2.50
Malt Whisky £2.95
Black Level Whisky £2.95

Cognac and Liqueurs

Martell £3.50
Remy Martin V.S.O.P £3.95
Benedictine £3.50
Cointreau £2.50
Drambuie £3.50
Tia Maria £3.50
Sambuca £3.50
Amaretto £3.50
Tequila £3.50
Baileys £3.50

Lassi drink

Special yoghurt drinks
Mango / plain / salt / jeera
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